Mike Barwise

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Managing Director, Integrated InfoSec

Michael Barwise is a UK-based risk management consultant with a background in information assurance and systems engineering. He has contributed to international policy and national legislation on Internet and information risk, has lectured on policy development at Masters level, and is widely published online. His special interests are assisting business to improve the quality of risk decision-making and the seamless embedding of security into business processes

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Software Insecurity Thrives
  The fourth half-yearly State of Software Security Report from cloud-based application security tester Veracode makes for painful reading. Based on analysis of 9910 application builds over the last 18 months, Veracode found that over 80% of them were vulnerable to one of more of the OWASP Top ...
Posted 14 December 2011 by Mike Barwise
Who Needs Hackers?
  As a rule I don't comment on unproven allegations, but this time I'm breaking my rule. According to a District of New Hampshire indictment (downloadable from Wired), four Romanians are accused of ripping off credit cards remotely from a couple of hundred US retail outlets, including Subway r ...
Posted 12 December 2011 by Mike Barwise
  A UK Cyber Security Strategy has just been released by the Cabinet Office. The first thing I noted was that seven of its 43 pages are have a solid colour background but are otherwise blank – that's 16% completely wasted space. But as I read on I gradually came to the conclusion th ...
Posted 29 November 2011 by Mike Barwise
  A couple of security researchers are due to present a way to compromise TLS 1.0 at a conference in Argentina  next week (scroll to end of page). Thai Duong and Juliano Rizzo have found a way - codenamed "BEAST" - to use malicious JavaScript in tandem with a network sniffer to ...
Posted 20 September 2011 by Mike Barwise
How Not to Secure a CA
  Fox-IT have published a preliminary report on the DigiNotar breach. It appears that the number of spoofed certificates is much greater than previously suspected, and Iran was a prime target, so once again we may have an example of the increasing importance of malicious hacking in the politic ...
Posted 07 September 2011 by Mike Barwise
Rethinking Information Security
  I was reminded the other day that the World Wide Web is 20 years old this month, and it came as a shock to realise I've been involved with it for all but the first three years. Things move very fast in IT: ten years is a lifetime, and 20 is a whole era. Why then, after more than 15 years ...
Posted 15 August 2011 by Mike Barwise
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