Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q1, 2023, Volume 20, Issue 1

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A New Tool in the Cyber-Criminal’s Playbook

Wiper malware attacks spiked in 2022. Kevin Poireault investigates why this marks a shift in the cyber threat landscape.

MFA: The Next Frontline for Security Pros

MFA has long been recommended by governments and industry bodies, but cyber-criminals are searching for ways to turn this security strength into a weakness. James Coker investigates.

ChatGPT’s Data Scraping Model Under Scrutiny

One use of ChatGPT, the superstar chatbot created by generative AI firm OpenAI, is drafting privacy notices. ChatGPT now finds itself under scrutiny from data protection experts. Kevin Poireault examines the issue.

The Story of Israel’s Booming Cyber Startup Sector

Israel’s cybersecurity industry has long punched above its weight, producing a world-leading sector relative to the nation’s population. Gerrard Cowan explores the factors that are driving this and how the sector is adapting for future challenges.

How SSI Puts Identity Back in the Owners’ Control

Danny Bradbury investigates whether secure sovereign identity can solve a digital identity challenge that has perplexed tech and non-tech organizations alike for decades.

Biden’s Zero Trust Mandate

Phil Muncaster examines the story of President Biden’s Executive Order so far and the potential impact of zero trust on public and private sector security.

Cyber Insurance: Understanding a Fast-Growing Market

Beth Maundrill speaks to experts to dispel some of the myths surrounding cybersecurity insurance and provide advice on how and why organizations should take out an insurance policy.

Lowering the Price of Admission: Making Cybersecurity an Equal Opportunities Industry

James Coker explores how socioeconomic diversity can be of benefit to the industry and how the sector can open its doors to those with less economic means.

Point-Counterpoint: Is AI Essential to Cybersecurity?

Holly Grace Williams argues that there are cybersecurity problems AI is uniquely suited for, while Perry Carpenter believes humans remain more critical to security.

One Topic, Three Experts: How to Effectively Implement a Bug Bounty Program

Three experts advise on how to make bug bounty programs effective for your business.

Interview: Jerich Beason

James Coker meets Jerich to find out more about the values and experiences that underpin his career in cybersecurity.

Top Ten: Cybersecurity TV Shows

The growing relevance of cyberthreats in society means this issue is becoming increasingly prominent in popular fiction. This includes cyber playing a central role in numerous television series over recent years – to varying degrees of success, and indeed accuracy.

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