Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q4, 2022, Volume 19, Issue 4

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Securing a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The space systems and services already play a critical role in day-to-day life. James Coker examines what it will take to secure the space arena now and into the future

Locked Shields: Preparing for Cyber Warfare

Against a backdrop of war in Europe, Gerrard Cowan takes a look at the Locked Shields crisis simulation and how the cybersecurity industry gets involved

Joining the Dots: How to Optimize Cyber Threat Intelligence for the Win

Phil Muncaster investigates what can be done to consolidate and deliver the information network defenders need

Business Email Compromise is Dead: Long Live Cyber-Enabled Financial Fraud

With a surge in global financial losses due to BEC, this social engineering attack can no longer be exclusively treated as a simple financial incident. Kevin Poireault investigates why security teams need to battle financial fraud

US Federal Privacy Legislation: Challenges on the Hill

Danny Bradbury investigates the spider-web of state and agency laws that attempt to tackle data privacy in the US and how far away a federal initiative really is

Shifting Mindset: Tackling Mental Health Head On

Stress and burnout are regularly highlighted as issues facing cybersecurity professionals today. Beth Maundrill investigates the problems and how mental health is intrinsically linked to the cybersecurity skills shortage

One Topic Three Experts: How to reassure your customers about your security and privacy frameworks

With customers beginning to understand the value of their data, our experts provide advice and examples of how you can reassure your customers

Point-Counterpoint: Are We Moving to a Passwordless Future? 

Andrew Shikiar argues the FIDO-based approach allows for password-free sign-in, while Lawrence Perret-Hall believes the password will not go anywhere yet as long as good password hygiene is maintained

Top ten: Fines Issued for Data Protection Violations


  • Adenike Cosgrove: People person Adenike Cosgrove shares her advice to those starting out in cyber plus her personal proudest moment
  • Jenai Marinkovic; Farms, goats and cybersecurity are rarely heard in the same sentence, but they all apply to the life and career of Jenai Marinkovic
  • Nicola Whiting: An award-winning cybersecurity professional who likes to think outside the box, we find out more about Nicola Whiting’s life

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