Q4, 2014, Volume 11, Issue 4

Cover Article:

Cyber-Warfare: Who’s Afraid of the Big Red Button?
If current online skirmishes can’t be branded ‘war’, how soon before a major global conflict unfolds, asks Tom Brewster 


Flying the Flag: How Strong is Great Britain’s Information Security Industry Today?
Eleanor Dallaway polls experts across the country to assess the maturity of Blighty’s cyber security market and determine where there is still room for improvement  

A Troubled Marriage: Can Security and Privacy Happily Co-Exist in the Enterprise?
Wendy M. Grossman examines why security and privacy find it so hard to live together in the corporate world

Playing for Keeps: How Cybercriminals are Following the Money to Video Games
The global videogame market just topped $100bn in value, and cybercriminals want a piece of it. Danny Bradbury finds out how they operate

Outsourcing: When to DIY and When to Call a Consultancy
To outsource or not to outsource: that is the question that has been facing CISOs the world over since the dawn of time, and the question that Phil Muncaster puts to infosecurity experts 

Phish Your Own Staff: Arming Employees to Beat Modern Attacks   
Social engineering has long been the preferred route for hackers, whether through the front door or using social media and email. So what better way to protect against the threat than with a bit of ‘social pen-testing’? Davey Winder reports 

Drew Amorosi takes a look at how the Shylock malware got its pound of flesh, and why it might be back sooner than we suspect

INTERVIEW: Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft


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