Q4, 2015, Volume 12, Issue 4

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Content Includes:

Cover Story: Hacking the Cheaters
Phil Muncaster examines what the Ashley Madison incident says about security and privacy in 2015

When Outsiders Become Insiders
Abuse of privileged access to systems is a growing cyber-threat, Stephen Pritchard discovers

Security’s Ever-Growing, Ever-Moving Target
As mobile becomes the norm, Joe O’Halloran asks how is security keeping up

Penetrating the IT Dark Cloud 
Cloud apps are the revolution, but they pose security risks, say Aditya K Sood and Michael Rinehart

Laying Down The Law
Mike Hine speaks to leading privacy lawyer, Eduardo Ustaran, about the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

More than Virtually Secure
Virtualization has taken hold in the enterprise, and it can also enhance security, discovers Max Cooter

Place Your Bets on Security Firms
It’s a golden age for investing in security companies. Joe O’Halloran asks how long the good times are set to roll
Cybersecurity Skills Crisis: A View from Academia
Professor Keith Martin examines if universities are doing their bit in combatting the skills crisis 

Case Study: Checking the NHS’s Security Pulse 
Infosecurity takes the security temperature at Sussex Health Informatics Service