Infosecurity Editorial

  1. Marking the Milestones: 10 Years of Infosecurity Magazine

    From Blaster to Edward Snowden, Drew Amorosi looks back at 10 years of Infosecurity magazine and the profession it serves

  2. Editorial: Time to Refocus on Cybersecurity

    October was recently declared National Cyber Security Awareness month by President Obama. Let’s hope that his commitment to cybersecurity is not merely lip service.

  3. Editorial: Facebook Can’t Catch a Break

    Legend has it that the late West Virgina Senator Robert Byrd carried a copy of the US constitution in his pocket at all times while on the floor of the Senate. Infosecurity's Drew Amorosi shares his opinions as to why Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg should do the same, or at the very least a current text on civil liberties.

  4. Editorial: Sometimes Honesty Doesn’t Pay

    Infosecurity’s Drew Amorosi shares his opinions on the recent dismissal of Pennsylvania’s CISO and the role that open dialogue played in the decision

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