Anonymous UK launches #OpEDL against the English Defence League

In a YouTube video posted yesterday, Anonymous UK accuses the EDL of taking advantage of a heinous crime as an “excuse to further spread your campaign of hate, bigotry, and misinformation.” It announces an Anonymous operation that will “begin the systematic and comprehensive desiccation of your cult... You will fall. It will not happen overnight, but we will be victorious.”

This is a warning shot – but so far it seems only to have awoken old enmities within the UK hacking fraternity. ZCompanyHackingCrew (ZHC) quickly posted a list of EDL donors, including names, addresses and email addresses on Pastebin. “If you donate to EDL and your name is not in the list, you should not breathe a sigh of relief ZHC will find you and expose you one day,” it warned. 

This followed a repost of an earlier ‘TeamPois0n EDL Leadership Leak’. But TeamPois0n was not a part of Anonymous and did not seek association with Anonymous. Its erstwhile leader, TriCk (arrested and sentenced to six months in prison last year for hacking the Gmail account of Tony Blair’s aide Katie Kay) has responded with his own Pastebin posting: “#OpEDL is a fail, I'm sorry anonymous but stealing TeaMp0isoN old hacks and re-formatting it is lame.” He adds, “Stick to ddosing.”

But, as the Anonymous UK warning states, “It will not happen overnight.” The video can be seen as a rallying call. The Anonymous ‘collective’ has always relied on individual hacking crews, such as LulzSec and AntiSec, for many of its hacks. The ZHC crew seems to have accepted the call, and made clear its intention by reposting earlier TeamPois0n dumps.


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