Apple issues Mac OS X patches, Facebook integration

Apple's 700MB-plus Mac OS X 10.8.2 download includes general bug fixes and security updates for Apache, BIND, Mail, PHP and Ruby. It also includes an “in case you missed it” aggregation of previously released patches. 

Meanwhile, the Safari web browser gets an upgrade to v. 6.0.1, which includes updates for the core Webkit renderer and Java.The update is not a major one, unlike April's Flashback-related Java update for Mac operating systems that contained 12 security fixes.

“Java is quickly becoming a new vector of attack for malware, and the Flashback malware has notably used Java in several different ways, taking advantage of known or unpatched vulnerabilities to get through a Mac’s defenses", Intego's Mac Security blog warned at the time.

A full list of the new features can be found on the Apple website, with security updates broken out as well. 

Apple recommends that users upgrade using System Update, which can determine what fixes are already installed on the system, thus lightening the heft of the download.

As for the Facebook angle, users can now opt to have Facebook contact information integrated with the Mac’s native Contacts and Game Center applications. Users gain a single sign-on and the ability to be alerted to Facebook activity via Mac OS X's Notification Center.



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