Authentication and IT security budgets webinar tomorrow

Fran Howarth, an experienced IT security analyst with Bloor Research, will be detailing some of her observations on how organisations are tackling the issue of authenticating their users, both locally and remotely, as well as suggesting some solution strategies of her own.

Along the way she will be explaining how strong authentication can be used to verify users to high levels of certainty through the use of tokens.

Joining Fran will be Pascal Boulvais, EMEA pre-sales director with ActivIdentity, who will looking at some of the identity challenges that IT professionals face in the modern work environment, and some of the solutions that are available today, as well as how the regulatory context in how they are being used is changing.

Pascal will be bringing webinar attendees up to speed on how regulatory requirements are tightening up and pushing IT professionals into using new technologies to authenticate their staff on the digital resource.

Rounding out the panel will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be moderating the event, as well as joining Fran and Pascal in answering attendee's questions in what promises to be a lively - as well as educational - Q&A session following the presentations.

Join us for this interesting and topical webinar by registering for the event here...


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