AVG releases v9.0 business internet security software

According to the IT security vendor, the new internet security versions are easier to use, as well as manage, something it said is particularly necessary for those businesses which have limited or non-existent in-house IT capabilities.

JR Smith, the firm's CEO, said that AVG's 9.0 small business software offerings deliver improved administration, more robust protection, and faster performance - all without getting in the way of business.

"This generation of products is taking AVG back to its core strength of low impact, high performance security, and adds substantially to the portfolio of measures available to small businesses, and their employees, in working safe from cyberthreats", he said.

Scanning speeds on v9.0 are billed as up to 50% faster than earlier editions and, AVG said, the combined anti-virus and anti-spyware scanner employs new intelligent technology which marks files as safe or potentially unsafe during its initial scan, and then ignores them in future scans unless the file structure changes.

AVG 9.0 is also billed as adding behavioural, in-the-cloud, and white listing technologies to manage the threats posed by the tens of thousands of new threats that appear daily.

The behavioural technology stems from AVG's acquisition of Sana Security earlier in the year and, in use, the new feature is said to learn the `DNA' of a business' network so that it can recognise anomalies and block malicious processes.

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