Bjork encourages hacking of her iPhone app

According to the Drowned in Sound newswire, when responding to criticism that her Biophilia app is only available for the iPad, iPhone and iPad touch platform, she said she expects that software pirates will expand its availability to other platforms.

Biophilia is a free app for the iOS platform that allows users to listen to Bjork's latest songs in a multimedia environment, free of charge.

The app is not without its critics as it effectively allows iOS users free access to songs from Bjork's new album, which is not due to be released until late September, Infosecurity notes.

In her interview with the newswire, she said: "I'm not supposed to say this, probably... but I'm trusting that the pirates out there won't tie their hands behind their back."

Bjork added that compatibility was an issue her app designers were aware of, and "that's why we really made sure when we wrote all the programs that they will transfer to other systems. I mean, I don't totally understand technologically what it is that makes that possible."

The newswire notes that, when she was asked if there were conflicts between the values of the Biophilia project and those of Apple's proprietary iOS platform, she said:

"Yeah, for sure, there's definitely another polarity there, a conflict. The only solution for me was to somehow be some sort of a `Kofi Annan' and try and make these two worlds speak to each other."

Bjork added that she fully expects to see her software hacked and made available to less expensive operating systems and devices.

"Yeah, I mean, I've been in Africa in the last few years, and Indonesia. There are people there who have cardboard houses but they have mobile phones. Everybody's texting. It's just a question of time before touch screens are cheap", she told the newswire.

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