Cloud computing security webinar this Thursday

Infosecurity is therefore pleased to present a webinar looking at this topic, and explaining some of the strategies to defend a cloud email platform, this coming Thursday afternoon (28th October). Along the way, we plan to explain the legal issues are involved with the use of cloud email resources.

For the webinar - entitled Email Security in the Cloud: It's Time for Some Answers - Rolf von Roessing, the international vice president of ISACA, the international security association will be looking at the weaknesses in the current cloud email security model, as well as identifying some of the strategies needed by IT security professionals to counter those weaknesses.

James Blake, Mimecast's chief security officer, meanwhile, will be explaining about the need for due diligence when it comes to selecting a cloud service vendor, as well as looking at the liability side of things - amongst several other issues.

Also joining the webinar will be legal professional Peter Pepiton, the associate general counsel with Mimecast, who will be explaining what legal issues that IT managers need to look out for when using a cloud email platform.

Rounding out the panel will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be moderating the event.

The webinar - which starts at 2pm UK time on Thursday - promises to be both educational and informative, and attendees will be able to put their questions to the panel during this live event.

Please register for this free-to-attend webinar here...

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