Data loss fear discourages firms from adopting cloud, mobile technologies

In addition, 40% of IT professionals said that they do not think cloud and mobile applications could meet their regulatory requirements for security, and 30% said they could not be sure that the cloud/mobile environment would integrate seamlessly with their identity management systems.

“IT decision-makers still view the security capabilities of cloud and mobile technologies as immature and believe that adopting such technologies will present a challenge – at least in the near term – to the enterprise’s security and compliance posture”, the report observed.

In addition, 46% of IT professionals said that security concerns are inhibiting them from taking advantage of software-as-a-service (SaaS); 45% said that the immature technology is inhibiting them from adopting SaaS; 43% said their legacy applications can not be moved to a cloud infrastructure; and 41% said that their organizations could not management compliance and risk sufficiently with SaaS.

“To realize the promise of the extended enterprise – like secure access to information from anywhere, using any device – current technology, such as VPNs, access gateways, and encryption will have to be refitted or completely transformed”, the study concluded.

To address security issues of the extended enterprise, IronKey has introduced its Trusted Access Enterprise Service, which provides a secure virtual workspace, a trusted network, and a cloud-based management of security policies.

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