Data Volumes and Network Stress to Be Top IoT Concerns

Even though the Internet of Things (IoT) is regarded by many as the key theme of 2015, IT departments’ main concern is that the resulting explosion in data volumes will start to overwhelm their networks in 2016 says research from Quocirca.

Commissioned by real-time security firm Neustar, the report suggests that this is leading to security concerns around keeping all of the extra data safe. It also noted that scaling out to many thousands of devices per organization clearly represents a wealth of new opportunities but the company stressed that the same security rigor and vigilance applied to traditional IT devices needs to be extended and operate at the appropriate scales to all connected things.

Moreover, even though the report shows that security is considered highly important by all respondents, it shows that no business can ignore the wide range of issues arising from the growing numbers of network attached devices that constitute the IoT. Nearly half (47%) of respondents were already scanning IoT devices for vulnerabilities, another 29% are planning to do so. When asked about the capabilities they feel are most important for authenticating the identity of devices, nearly all see DNS services as playing an important role. More experienced users supplement these third party registry and IoT database services.

“Sceptic or otherwise, the IoT is now relevant to all organizations. Whether IoT applications are deployed to help IT function, driven by lines of business or through devices introduced by end users, various practices will need adapting to accommodate the millions of things involved which will, over time, dwarf the number of traditional IT endpoints,” explained Bob Tarzey, Quocirca Analyst & Director. “These challenges can be minimized through thoughtful design and the use of hubs, in addition to new networks, management tools and security capabilities to get the most out of the IoT…The cost of supporting investments can be justified by the business value derived from newly IoT-enabled applications.”

In what calls to action businesses could take, Neustar advised that security starts with identity. “The new UK-focused research contained in this report highlights that businesses looking to deploy IoT should consider a decentralized security and management model, as this would have the combined effect of reducing data volumes and relieving the considerable strain on networks,” said Hank Skorney, SVP Internet of Things for Neustar.

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