DHS loses yet another cybersecurity official

Coose, the director of the DHS National Cybersecurity Division’s Federal Network Security Branch, is leaving to join the private sector, according to a report by Federal News Radio. Danny Toler, director of the division’s Federal Network Resilience, is expected to assume Coose’s responsibilities on a temporary basis.

Coose’s departure marks the seventh cybersecurity official to leave the department in a year. Virtually the entire cybersecurity management team at DHS’ National Programs and Protections Directorate (NPPD) has turned over in that period.

The other departures include Sean McGurk, head of the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC); Randy Vickers, director of US Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT); Phil Reitinger, deputy undersecretary of the NPPD; Nicole Dean, director of the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD); Rear Admiral Mike Brown, director of cybersecurity coordination at NPPD; and Greg Schaffer, director of the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications.

NCCIC, US-CERT, and NCSD come under the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, which is part of NPPD.

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