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FaceTime transfers trademark to Apple for iPhone 4 video calling application

The FaceTime name is to be used for Apple's iPhone4-to-Iphone4 video calling service, which will initially only be available when the new Apple smartphone is using a WiFi connection to the internet.

The company says it is talking to cellcos about implementing the technology on 3G and 3.5G cellular networks, but the service – if it ever sees the light of day – will almost certainly be chargeable, Infosecurity notes.

So where does this leave FaceTime, the security vendor?

The company isn't saying, but notes that the trademark transfer is all part of a rebranding exercise for the IT security firm, which is now ten years old.

Kailash Ambwani, FaceTime's CEO and president said that Monday was an interesting and memorable day for his company.

"Earlier, Apple introduced their next-generation iPhone and announced that it will use 'FaceTime' as the trademark for its new video calling application", he said.

"I'm intrigued with the way that the use of the term 'facetime' has evolved since we named our company about a decade ago. Ten years ago, our solutions were for instant messaging and other 'virtual facetime' applications of that ilk. Now, 'facetime' will refer to an application that enables callers to see one another, while using a mobile device and that makes me reflect on how far we've come", he added.

According to Ambwani, last night's Apple announcement echoes FaceTime's long held belief that the internet has changed – from one-way information delivery to two-way communication and collaboration.

The new internet, he explained, is increasingly about communications, collaboration and communities – whether it's social networking, instant messaging or now video calling, users are increasingly bringing these tools into the workplace.

"When I look around at these new communications tools – like a video calling application on a phone – I'm reminded of the old TV shows... with secret agents running around with video watches tracking down the bad guys", he said.

"It's amazing what we can now do. I guess shoe phones and the cone of silence aren't too far away", he added.

Infosecurity notes that Ambwani's comments strongly presage a name-change at FaceTime, the security company, in the near future.

As yet, however, the company remains quiet on a possible rebranding, but with the trademark transfer to Apple, the change is almost certainly close.

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