File encryption software from Security IP protects against company data loss

The value-added security distributor said that the software - FideAS File Enterprise - was developed by Applied Security, a Germany-based company specialising in data loss prevention.

According to Security IP, FideAS File Enterprise closes the door to both internal and external data thieves through the use of a scalable file and folder encryption system.

The encryption application, said Security IP, can be set up to provide several users and workgroups with secure access to confidential data whilst preventing unauthorised use of that data.

The encryption process itself is said to be completely transparent to the user and does not interfere with the normal workflow and business process operations.

Announcing the encryption security software in the UK, Steve Cornish, Security IP's account manager, said that four out of five successful attacks come from people inside of an organisation, so having a product like FideAS File Enterprise on the network is critical.

"The software's ability to protect the organisation's data is comprehensive, regardless of where it is stored - on the network, desktops and even on remote laptops - it is practical, effective and simple to manage", he said.

"Data breaches are a real and present danger and those organisations that do lose sensitive information are exposing themselves to the risk of consequential damages, the loss of confidence by customers and need to rebuild their reputation and brand image", he added.

In use, Security IP said that the encryption software protects files on servers, workstations, laptops and mobile storage devices, working on the principle of controlling who and what applications have access to specific files anywhere in the organisation; and what those persons can do with that file - for example cut and paste.

By encrypting each file, the distributor claims the application provides absolute privacy at all times to anyone other than those authorised, even if attempts are made to copy those files to removable storage devices.

Comprehensive digitally signed logs, meanwhile, are said to provide a forensic trail and ensure regularity compliance.

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