For Travelers, Safe Access to Social Media is Bigger Than Secure Banking

Travelers are 83% more likely to want safe and secure access to social media apps than their finances online when traveling this holiday season.

That’s according to data released by AnchorFree, which reveals how mindful US travelers are about security and privacy of their smartphones and internet use. The survey also found that travelers are 98% more likely to want safe and secure access to social media than secure access to a travel/airline app, even while traveling.

The results also revealed that to avoid misplacing, losing or theft of a mobile device, 80% keep it as close to them as possible—either in their pocket or their hand. Yet, 40% of travelers hand their phone to someone else, even a stranger, to take photo or get some kind of assistance like getting directions.

Meanwhile, the biggest threat to travelers is the theft of personal data while accessing social networks and other sites or apps on public Wi-Fi. And, about 70% of travelers use public Wi-Fi at airports, café’s and on planes, according to the AnchorFree survey.

Further, nearly 85% of travelers access the internet on their smartphones when traveling during the holidays; and, they’re 63% more likely to use Wi-Fi (public, paid or private) than their cellular data for doing so. About 70% use Wi-Fi of some sort, while just over a quarter (26%) use cellular data.

“The holidays are a peak time for travel, and when people pack their smartphone or laptop, their personal, private information travels with them,” said David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO of AnchorFree. “Our survey found that people are being cautious about protecting their digital lives—specifically when it comes to personal interactions and sensitive data. When traveling, people can take basic, important steps to secure their devices and information like changing passwords, using Hotspot Shield for Wi-Fi security and privacy and simply not letting your smartphone out of your sight.”


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