GrIDsure introduces pictures for Microsoft remote access authentication

According to Stephen Howes, founder and chief technology officer with the firm, the GrIDsure Authentication Platform - GAP - is designed to serve two needs.

The first, he told Infosecurity, is to act as platform for a customised authentication environment for those businesses that require a bespoke system.

The second, he says, is where businesses are looking for a shrink-wrapped authentication solution for their IT system.

"We are already talking to an Italian bank about the system, and are expecting a high degree of interest from organisations that are looking for enhanced levels of security when authorisation is required", he said, adding that the platform is aimed firmly at the corporate marketplace.

It offers, he explained, a feature-rich alternative to the Microsoft authentication system that supports remote access and intranet log-ons as a closely integrated feature with other Microsoft software.

In use, GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG is billed as enhancing the security provided by Microsoft's remote access platform by replacing the traditional username and password combination with GrIDsure's pattern based authentication methodology.

Users, says Howes, on both managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices can make secure remote VPN connections to company networks without risking their login details being stolen, and organisations can carry out their remote working policies smoothly and securely.

"As more and more employees expect to be able to log on to their work accounts remotely from home, from their private PCs and even from mobile devices, traditional login details and passwords are increasingly at risk of being stolen by keylogger spyware, through shoulder surfing and other threats", he said.

"Many companies have recognised this and are looking for more secure authentication solutions that identify individuals reliably without the additional cost of acquiring hardware, or the cost of replacing lost or broken tokens", he added.

The new product will, says Howes, join a family of authentication offerings that includes GrIDsure Enterprise, Solo Login, and SmartLogin.

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