Identity and access control, data security grew 20% in 2010

However, network security still dominates the cybersecurity market, making up 41% of total spending in 2010. according to the firm's latest report:  Cyber Security: From Luxury to Necessity.

"Governments play a vital role in the security arena by setting requirements, regulating behavior, and helping create best practice, as well as indirectly through its size as a customer. The costs of poor security to business and society at large are rising rapidly; the cost to government of poor security is not solely measured in the amount of data lost but also in the loss of public trust", the report said.

Governments and militaries will be the early adopters of cybersecurity innovation, followed by the commercial sector, the report predicted.

“Although cyber terrorists and nation-states may be more malicious and destructive than other hackers, all rely on the same methods and vulnerabilities to penetrate computer systems. As a result, the best defense against cyber terrorism is to improve mainstream computer security”, the report said.

Frost & Sullivan offers the following recommendations for cybersecurity suppliers: combine technologies to develop end-to-end cybersecurity solutions; provide human factors training within end-user organizations; expand marketing efforts to roll out tools to support different intelligence assets; provide scientific research to plug shortages in organizations; adapt business model to work as a consultant alongside the customer to ensure IT requirements are met; and provide audit capabilities, which serve as an entry point to opportunities.

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