Incapsula unveils cloud-based website security for SMEs

Until the service goes commercial in the first quarter of 2011, the facility is being offered free of charge. And even better, for personal website users, the plan is to offer a version of the service free of charge for some time to come.

Mark Gaffan, the firm's vice president, told Infosecurity that the commercial service, when it launches, will be priced at around $50 per site per month.

"There are three distinct types of users we see as using the Incapsula service: Bloggers and personal site users; companies that want to protect their sites; and companies that want to adhere to PCI DSS and other regulatory conditions", he said.

"We are also talking to website hosting providers and hope to have an integrated service available through them when the Incapsula service formally launches next quarter", he added.

Incapsula is a spin-off from fellow IT security vendor Imperva and was set up in November of last year, since when it now has 15 staff members and is growing steadily.

The business model for the company, says Gaffan, is quite different to that of Imperva, which is why the firm took the decision to spin the cloud hosting security provider off into a separate company.

"Setting up Incapsula takes just a few minutes. Users register and set up the service via the site, after which a few DNS redirects take place, and we can then inspect all IP traffic flowing to and from the client's website for anything untoward", he said.

One of the most interesting features of the Incapsula service is that data from all clients is pooled anonymously and the resultant cloud intelligence is shared to protect all the firm's clients.

This means, says Gaffan, that if an attack vector is encountered on one client's website, then Incapsula can take action to lock down similar attacks on all of its clients' sites within a very short timeframe.

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