India’s top law enforcement agency to set up cybercrime center

Under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed Monday, the CBI will work with Indian law enforcement agencies and industry to set up the Cyber and Hi-Tech Crime Investigation and Training Center (CHCIT) for combating cybercrime.

The cyber crime center will be used as a platform to expand cooperation between law enforcement and industry in the areas of sharing information on emerging threats and technologies, security standards, best practices, new challenges from cybercriminals, and improved cybercrime investigation and computer forensics.

CBI Director Shri Ashwani Kumar said that he expects the agency to convert some of its existing courts into e-courts dedicated exclusively to handle cybercrime cases. The agency is also providing laptops and cellphones to all of its investigators and prosecutors, as well as computer training.

Kuwar said that the CBI is also working with Interpol to provide CBI officers with training in cybercrime investigation and cybersecurity best practices.

Som Mittal, president of NASSCOM, commented on the agreement with CBI: “The very concept of security and threat landscape is going through a critical review, challenging the established understanding and approaches. This MoU with the CBI will let NASSCOM play the role of facilitator. It will ensure active involvement in bringing the latest technological developments from across the globe and the industry to the CBI. We will also be preparing a virtual pool of the top experts in the industry that the CBI can have access to as and when required.”

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