InDorse launches rights management system

The system consists of three core products, plus a fourth, designed to sit atop them. The core products are Discover, Tag, and Protect. They sit in front of a file server, and monitor the flow of information, to find out what information is on the system, and who is accessing it.

The Tag module applies security policies to the data. Administrators define rule sets that look for patterns in data that can then be used to tag it with security rules. The company is developing a set of libraries to cover compliance areas such as PCI and HIPAA.

Protect, the third product in its core suite, is also an in-band module that sits in front of the file server. It applies the rules to anyone wanting to access files. It also embeds the security rules in the header of any file copied to a client machine, which is then granted access to the data by a client-side encryption agent.

Spidr is a product designed for the remediation of security issues relating to Sharepoint files. It has utility both when migrating files from multiple sources to Sharepoint, and can be used for ongoing management, said CEO Rob Marano. "You can push documents into Sharepoint according to the policies that are appropriate, and then we define the access rules to associate the varying types of document with their respective usage policies," he said.

The core suite will sell for around $50 000.

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