Information security masters program now available to industry professionals

The objective of the new education programme - Information Security and Risk MSc - to be launched in 2012, was described by Jones: “to teach [information security professionals] how to communicate and bridge the gap between security and the business”. This objective supports the argument that Neira Jones, head of payment security at Barclaycard, made about the skill set requirement of the modern CISO, at the Infosecurity Europe press conference on the same day.

“You shouldn’t have to take an interpreter into the board room”, said Jones. “It’s the security professional’s job to bridge this gap”.

Jones described information security as a “socio-technical business problem in the real world”. The masters program designed by City University London, he said, will train “working information security professionals” how to best address this problem. Applicants must be currently working in the security or risk management field.

The masters program will rely heavily on peer-group interaction and will be studied part-time over a two year period. It costs £7500 per year and students will study eight modules in total.

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