Ixia to acquire BreakingPoint security testing firm for $160 million

The final price for the acquisition is subject to adjustment based on BreakingPoint’s net working capital and cash at closing, which is expected sometime in the third quarter of 2012, Ixia said in a release.

Ixia said it decided to acquire BreakingPoint in order to provide customers with a product that monitors, tests, and optimizes converged networks. “Without an ongoing security and performance-testing regimen, even the most sophisticated networks and data centers fail to ensure business continuity in the face of crippling cyberattacks and dynamic application conditions”, Ixia said.

BreakingPoint's network processor-based simulation and testing platform creates global application and live attack traffic at internet-scale, Ixia said. BreakingPoint's products battle-test wired and wireless infrastructures, deploy compact cyber ranges, optimize network and data center systems, and transform security processes.

BreakingPoint’s revenue increased over 40% in 2011 to $33.5 million, while generating gross margins of 87% for the year. For 2012, Ixia expects BreakingPoint's revenue to increase another 40%.

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