LockLizard solves zero footprint PDF security problem

The company maintains this is the first truly zero installation PDF DRM system available: no downloads, plug-ins, JavaScript or Flash risks, self-extracting executables, or applications to install. Everything is pre-installed and ready to go from a USB device – users can use DRM protected PDFs without installing any software or activating any licenses.

The product, Safeguard PDF Portable, offers publishers and users novel and significant flexibility in distributing and using DRM-controlled documents and ebooks. Publishers can protect their PDFs with Safeguard PDF Security and publish them to USB devices. The publishing process copies across the protected PDF files, the Secure Viewer software, and keystore license rights.

Trevor Mathews, LockLizard's chairman, commented: "Document owners constantly seek the Nirvana of document security – a zero footprint solution that is secure. LockLizard achieves this with a Viewer that users do not have to install, enforcing DRM controls. Users can view protected documents without an internet connection, and in environments where computers are shared."

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