LogMeIn opens free public trial for secure smartphone access to corporate IT

UK LogMeIn customers like BSkyB and Virgin Digital Help will be given the opportunity to test the new service and feedback on it.

Starting with the iPad and iPhone, the new service pairs access to applications, files and important data with control of users and their mobile devices. This enables organisations to implement policies to control who can access what and from which device, at the same time as giving users mobile access functions beyond e-mail and calendar.

"By combining the benefits of LogMeIn Ignition with visibility and control over how employees access their applications and data, organisations can expand the benefits of mobility to all their users, whether individuals bring their own iPads to the workplace or the iPads are provided to them," says Andrew Burton, LogMeIn vice president, access & management.

While the free trial of the service is available only for Apple devices running iOS, the service will eventually be opened up to support desktop computers and other mobile operating systems, including Android.

The service enables organisations to grant or restrict access to individual computers, authorise specific iOS devices for users or groups, and block or discontinue access from any user or device.

The services are cloud-based and easily scalable, claims LogMeIn, eliminating the need for on-premise deployments and making it possible to start managing any number of devices easily.

This story was published by Computer Weekly 


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