Majority of Americans have balked at online purchase

When asked why they did not make the purchase, 60% of respondents said it was because they were not sure if the site was secure, 51.4% said they were worried about providing information requested, and 48.4% said they felt the site required more information than was necessary for the transaction. Respondents were given the option of selecting more than one reason.

For the NCSA online shopping poll, a total of 3498 US adults were surveyed by Zogby International October 1–5, 2010.

At the same time, the poll found that 69.3% of respondents researched potential purchases over the internet, 68% made purchases online, 62.4% made online payments, and 38% bought goods from online auction sites.

"The Internet is a fabulous, convenient resource for gift givers to get a jumpstart on their holiday shopping and bargain hunting, but people need to stay aware and alert about the risks," said NCSA executive director Michael Kaiser. "If there is any doubt about the security or authenticity of a website, hold off making the purchase."

People researching potential purchases using their mobile phones grew to 16% of respondents, up from 9% in 2009. A recent study published by NCSA and Norton by Symantec found that 87% of Americans felt safer going online with their PCs than with their mobile phones.

"Businesses should take note: online customers are looking to make purchases where they see signs that a website is secure, have a clear understanding of how information collected about them is going to be used, and only information necessary to the transaction is being collected", Kaiser added. "Online shoppers are being smarter and safer online, and that's good for everyone."

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