Malware webinar to feature in next week's Infosecurity 2011 virtual conference

Entitled `Malware - the bad, the ugly and the uglier", the webinar will feature Rik Ferguson, solutions architect with Trend Micro and Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of certificate authority Comodo.

Rik will be giving his observations on the changing nature of the malware landscape and, along the way, also giving us a few pointers as to the best strategy on how to deal with this changing landscape.

Melih, meanwhile, will be explaining some of the strategies needed to tackle the increasingly complex tide of malware now being developed by hackers and cybercriminals.

These include, he will say, an auto-sandbox option that can block many pieces of darkware in their tracks.

The event will be rounded out by a question and answer session in which attendees - moderated by Infosecurity's technical editor Steve Gold - will give their opinions and explain some of the planning steps needed to ensure that your organisation does not fall victim to today's multi-vectored malware attacks.

With an array of similarly informative and entertaining webinars forming the centre-piece of next week's 2011 Infosecurity virtual conference - including `Smart phones, apps, and crowd sourcing', `Building Trust in the Cloud', `Forensic Analysis in the Cloud' and `Preventing Insider Data Leaks' - attendance is something of a must-do for anyone involved in IT security.

Please register here for Infosecurity's 2011 virtual conference, which promises to entertain, inform and educate attendees, all from the comfort of their office.

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