Mobile end point security webinar this Thursday

So what is the solution?

Join us for a 60-minute webinar – entitled `get one-touch secure mobile access to your corporate data’ - this Thursday afternoon in which our panel of experts will explain some of the strategies needed to develop a smartphone security gameplan - and how to implement/enhance that plan in a cost-effective manner.

Nigel Stanley, Bloor Research's security practice leader will be explaining some of the issues that IT managers have to contend with in what has become a commoditised mobile IT market, as well as detailing some of the best practice guidelines that he recommends for organisations looking to enhance their mobile IT security.

Tom Davison, a senior pre-sales consultant with Check Point Software Technologies, will also be on hand to explain about some of the solutions that are available to assist businesses looking to improve and/or develop their smartphone security.

Rounding out the panel will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be moderating the event, including the popular question and answer session in which attendees get a chance to quiz the panel on the topic of their choice.

Please register here for this entertaining and thought-provoking webinar.



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