NATO begins implementation of cyber shield plan

Last September, Lynn proposed forming of a cybersecurity shield to protect the military and economic networks of NATO countries against cyberattacks.

Lynn’s cybersecurity proposal was approved at NATO’s Lisbon Summit in November. This week’s trip is designed to begin implementation of the proposal.

“It’s an opportunity for Deputy Secretary Lynn to meet and discuss with NATO and EU leaders ways to strengthen cybersecurity and to follow through on the Lisbon Summit declaration to develop and implement a NATO cyber policy and implementation plan with real capabilities,” Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said.

A focus for Lynn this week is “to look at bringing these nations together under this NATO common vision and having them leverage each others’ expertise and experiences and drawing a common vision based on the threat to better secure NATO’s networks,” a senior defense official told the American Forces Press Service.

Lynn is meeting with NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen and Gabor Iklody of Hungary, who is NATO’s assistant secretary general for emerging security challenges. The US defense official will also meet with EU cybersecurity officials to see how NATO and EU efforts can be coordinated.

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