Obama kicks off National Cyber Security Awareness Month

This reflects the president's continued commitment to cybersecurity as a national priority, said the nation's cybersecurity co-ordinator Howard Schmidt in a blog post.

The awareness campaign in October, run for the past seven years in the US, is a reminder to all of the shared responsibility to protect the cyber networks we rely upon, he said.

"National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is the time of the year we need to stop and realize all the things we can do collectively to keep ourselves cyber-educated, cyber-smart, and cyber-assured," said Schmidt.

For the first time, senior government and industry officials on both coasts will participate in officially kicking off National Cyber Security Awareness Month today.

The launch will be first of many events and activities sponsored by federal, state, local government, the private sector, and international partners that will take place throughout October, said Schmidt.

This story was first published by Computer Weekly

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