#Oktane18: The Best Password is No Password says Okta CEO

At Oktane 18 in Las Vegas, Okta announced that organizations will be able to eliminate the login password as a primary factor of authentication by combining signals such as device, location, and network context, with threat intel from Okta’s new ThreatInsight functionality.

“The best password is no password at all”, said Todd McKinnon, CEO and co-founder, Okta.Today’s threat actors are targeting the weakest point of your company’s security – your people – and too many are successfully compromising employee accounts due to poor or stolen passwords.”

Okta’s incident response team sees and takes action against threats and suspicious activity across its ecosystem and making those insights available to customers through Okta ThreatInsight.

Elias Oxendine IV, Global Director of IT Security at the Brown-Forman Corporation, is using Okta ThreatInsight to get insight into authentication attempts. “Brown-Forman is one of the largest American-owned distilled beverage companies, responsibly building alcohol brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve and Korbel. We’re committed to providing a safe, inclusive workplace and secure customer experience, and ensuring the right people have access to sensitive company resources is at the heart of making that happen.”

The National Bank of Canada is using the capability to give its customers a secure online experience according to Alain Goffi, vice president, IT Infrastructures at the National Bank of Canada. "National Bank of Canada services millions of clients in hundreds of branches across Canada. As an organization, we have clear objectives, one of which is to simplify the customer experience.”

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