Reid presses Republicans on Senate cybersecurity legislation

In a letter to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Reid said that Republican reluctance to participate in drafting the cybersecurity legislation, which is being examined by no fewer than seven committees, was delaying passage.

“Unfortunately, two months have elapsed without any further work on cyber legislation following your request that working groups not proceed until your staff agree to them," Reid said in the letter obtained by Reuters.

“We cannot afford to wait to address this serious and persistent threat to our national security; our economy suffers further damage from cyber attacks each day we wait", Reid added.

Earlier in the month, Reid met with Democratic chairs of the committees with jurisdiction over cybersecurity and urged them to draft a comprehensive cybersecurity bill, combining various separate bills, by September, according to

In a statement emailed to Reuters, McConnell spokesman Michael Brumas said Republicans would join the cybersecurity bill drafting process.

"After consulting with Republican ranking members and hearing their views, Senator McConnell and his members have agreed to participate in the working groups. The leader and ranking members hope the process will produce bipartisan legislation, but they will each reserve judgment until a final bill is drafted", he said.

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