The ‘419 scam’ scam returns

GFI Software researcher Chris Boyd writes, “There’s a 419 mail in circulation at the moment (previously seen bouncing around back in April) called ‘Compensation for Scam Victims’ that claims to be offering aid... to victims of 419 scams.”

Earlier versions of this scam can be found on the OnlyMyEmail Anti-Spam Blog. One example states, “This mail is to officially notify you, that your email address have been listed as one of the Scammed victim, to benefit from this ongoing SCAMMED VICTIM COMPENSATION BENEFITS (SVCB) and have approved for the payment of USD $165,000.00(ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS).”

A second example says, “The countries of Nigeria Benin Republic, Bukina faso and Ghana have recompensed you following the meeting held with the Four countries’ Government and various countries’ high commission for the fraudulent activities carried out by the Four countries’ Citizens.”

The new version found by Boyd says, “This to inform you that your e-mail address was found among the list of people that has been scammed by Nigerian impostors, It might interest you to know that a total sum of $3.5million had been set aside for compensation which will be deliver to you in a consignment box...”

The scam assumes that either the target has already been scammed (and is therefore ‘scammable’) and will feel deserving of compensation, or that he or she hasn’t yet been scammed and is therefore a potential new victim. Either way, the only thing you get for nothing in this world is pain.

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