Trend Micro extends security envelope around Playstation consoles

This is why Trend Micro has announced it is offering free trial web security services for the PSP handheld, as well as paid security web services for the PS3 games console.

Both gaming devices are capable of being hooked up to a home or office network, Infosecurity notes, and are capable of surfing the web and using internet email services to a greater or lesser degree.

The PSP trial software is to be known as Trend Micro Kids Safety for PSP and is based on Trend's existing URL checking facility - the Trend Micro Smart Protection service - for desktop and portable PCs.

As well as blocking malware and infected sites, the software can also block unsuitable categories of web sites.

According to Trend, its new PSP security software also blocks access to sites where payment card details can be lifted, along with confidential information such as bank account details and other personal data.

Plans call for Trend Micro Kids Safety and Web Security for PSP to be available with v5.50 of the portable gaming device's firmware.

Existing PSP users will need to download and install the 5.50 update to access the trial, which is available worldwide and in 12 languages.

Trend Micro says the PSP security software will be available to all users free of charge until the end of July. The company plans to announce pricing on the software during May or June.

The same software protection will also be available for the PS3 games console, but on a paid subscription basis from May 11 onwards.

Users will need to download and install the 2.70 system firmware update to access the services. Charges have been set at $19.99 for each individual service and $34.99 when purchased together.

As a sweetener, Trend plans to offer the software-based services at a 30 per cent discount until the end of August this year.

Infosecurity notes that Trend has been offering PS3 games console security software on a trial (i.e. free) basis in certain countries since earlier this year, but this paid-for software launch is a global offering.


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