Two anti-virus into one will go with UserGate

The UserGate application marries the Kasperky Lab and Panda Security anti-virus engines under one console.

Normally when two anti-virus applications are run concurrently, software conflicts can occur, potentially crashing the machine they are running on, Infosecurity notes.

UserGate is being promoted and suppored by Software Paradise, the online software reseller.

What's interesting about the anti-virus and internet security application, is that it also includes appliance-like features, allowing users to enforce internet access policies, as well as traffic rules with audit logs.

These features, Entensys claimed, allow businesses to keep a check on what they are spending, as it automatically calculates time and online costs for individual users.

And for those firms that are using the anti-virus and internet security application on a client-server basis, the application includes a multiple ISP facility, allowing, for example a company to bond two broadband connections together.


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