UK signs World Economic Forum's cyber-resilience initiative

In signing the initiative, the UK joins more than 70 companies and government bodies across 15 sectors and 25 countries in committing to a set of principles designed to ensure secure and resilient digital global networks via partnership.

"We hope that signing the World Economic Forum Principles on Cyber Resilience will encourage business leaders all over the world to lead the way in creating shared principles for a resilient and thriving Internet,” said William Hague, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, in a statement.

The WEF places emphasis on creating a global net of accepted cybersecurity protections, adopted by all parties. “Trust in the digital world is essential for innovation and growth in all industries and sectors and no one organization can resolve cybersecurity alone,” said Jolyon Barker, managing director of global technology, media and telecommunications at fellow signatory Deloitte, in an email to Infosecurity.

He added, “In our hyper-connected world it is critical now, more than ever, for leaders in business and government to collaborate, share views, and commit to jointly finding solutions to defend against cyber risks – a threat that crosses geographical boundaries and industries.”

The timing is important as well. As the world economy struggles to recover, cybersecurity becomes even more critical. “The Internet has a critical role to play as an engine and facilitator of economic growth,” Hague noted. “Cyberspace must be secure and reliable so that it is trusted as a medium for doing business but at the same time free and open to evolve and innovate naturally. Governments should support the key role of the private sector in creating a trusted and open place to do business both at home and abroad. The WEF principles will help us all – individuals, companies and governments – in our shared aim to promote a safe and secure digital environment to do business."

Speaking at Davos, UK Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude characterized cyber threats as one of the top four threats to the UK. Reinforcing the theme of the day, he noted that that "only by working together can we ensure the world can continue to realize the benefits of the Internet," the BBC reported.

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