Weekly Brief - August 3 2009

AVG updated flags iTunes code as malware

AVG was in the news this week when its IT security software apparently flagged up iTunes as potential malware and stopped the program working.

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Internet Hackers Steal $219 000 from Sherwood, Tennessee

The FBI is investigating after unknown hackers managed to gain access to the city of Sherwood's bank account and siphon off $219.000.

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RIAA wins $675 000 from Boston student

A federal jury has fined Boston University student Joel Tenenbaum $675 000 for illegally downloading and distributing 30 copyrighted songs.

The damages awarded are about a third of the $1.92 million fine that was assessed against Minnesota native Jammie Thomas-Rasset in a similar music piracy case that was decided in June of this year.

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Microsoft's sandbox technique criticised

Microsoft's plan to `sandbox' MS-Office documents in the next version of suite of the same name is an admission that the company can't keep hackers from exploiting file format bugs, a security analyst has said.

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Marshal8e6 reports spam as reaching new record high

Spam volumes have reached new all-time high say experts from the Marshal8e6 TRACElabs.

TRACElabs reported in its mid-year security report that spam volumes were up 60% from the start of 2009 till the end of June. Since the beginning of July, spam volumes, as measured by TRACElabs spam volume index, have continued to climb steadily and have now shattered the record for the previous highest levels set in July 2008.

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Mouldy apartment tweet upsets Chicago realty firm

A Chicago firm is sufficiently upset about a former tenant's claim her apartment was mouldy that it has filed for $50 000 damages.

Horizon Group Management filed a lawsuit that accuses Amanda Bonnen of defaming the company in May when she tweeted (on Twitter) about mouldy apartments.

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