Welcome to Canada: land of breathtaking scenery - and cybercrime

"It's a little surprising to me as well. Previously, Canada was a place of great beer and hockey", he says, but his firm's analysis of Canada's cyber security risk profile shows that all the trends point to Canada becoming as the new launchpad for cybercriminals.

For example, he adds, there has been jump in hosted phishing sites, with Canada seeing a huge increase in the number of servers hosting phishing sites, jumping 319% in the last year.

"This tremendous increase over the last 12 months is second only to Egypt in terms of the growth of sites hosting crimeware", he said in his latest security blog.

Runald is also reporting an increase in bot networks, with cybercriminals moving their command & control servers to safer grounds.

In the past eight months, he claims, Canada saw a 53% increase in bot networks, with the country ranking as the second highest for hosting bot networks, when compared to the US, France, Germany and China.

And on the malicious websites, the Websense researcher says he has seen a trend of malicious websites decline across the board, although this decline is a lots lower in Canada when compared to other territories.

There has also been an overall increase in cybercrime, with Canada soaring from number 13 to number six in hosted cybercrime terms, a position that continues to rise.

Reporting on Runald's observations, the Softpedia newswire says that a likely explanation for this trend is the increased scrutiny of IP addresses from regions known to be safe havens for cybercrime.

"The fact that most Chinese hosting companies are not responding to abuse complaints might be overshadowed by the fact that network-level filtering and scanning solutions have rules to treat Chinese IP addresses with suspicion", says the newswire.

"A large data transfer towards a Chinese IP might suggest a trojan infection somewhere on the network, while a similar transfer towards a Canadian IP might pass unnoticed", it adds.

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