Zero-day threats - and security strategies - examined in a free Wednesday webinar

Entitled `the role of application control in a zero-day reality,' this free 60 minute event will see two zero-day security specialists advising attendees on the best solutions to dealing with zero-day threats.

Following the presentations, attendees will have a chance to quiz the panel on solutions that are specific to them, as well as request further information on any aspect of the topics discussed.

The first presenter in Wednesday's webinar will be Richard Stiennon, chief security analyst with IT-Harvest, a leading research and IT security consultancy.

Richard will be explaining how the current threat hierarchy is a timeline in itself and how cybercriminals are developing some very advanced threats to try and beat your security defences.

Following his presentation, Paul Zimski, vice-president of solution marketing with Lumension, the sponsor of the event, will describe how a perfect storm has been created at the endpoint, and why there is a need to build a solid set of defences against these threats.

Moderating the event will be Steve Gold, Infosecurity's technical editor, who will be adding his experience to the panel's knowledge in what promises to be a highly topical and entertaining event.

Please register here for the next Infosecurity webinar - the role of application control in a zero-day reality.

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