Infosecurity Magazine, Digital Edition, Q1, 2022, Volume 19, Issue 1

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The Security Challenge of the Century: Security in the Metaverse

Kate O'Flaherty considers how the security challenges in the metaverse can be resolved

Diversifying Cyber: A Focus on Neurodiversity and Physical Disability

James Coker takes a deep dive into the NCSC's recent Decrypting Diversity report, analyzing its findings in respect of neurodivergent and disabled people working in cyber

Cybersecurity's Image Problem

Benjamin David investigates whether prevailing cyber imagery and rhetoric are dangerous for the cybersecurity industry and explores how they could be improved

Securing Smart Cities from Ransomware Crooks

Danny Bradbury investigates how cities can protect themselves against ransomware as they prepare for the smart city revolution

How Not To Pay a Ransomware Demand

Amid surging ransomware attacks, Alex Meehan asks how organizations should act when faced with the nightmare scenario of a ransom demand

Dissecting the UK's New IoT Security Bill

The UK's new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill aims to strengthen the security of IoT devices, but James Coker questions whether it goes far enough?

Cyber Start-Ups: How To Get Off the Ground and Into the Stratosphere

Phil Muncaster investigates how to make it big in a sector already worth billions

One Topic, Three Experts: How To Stay on Top of Cyber-Hygiene

Three security experts advise how to develop a continuous cyber-hygiene plan for your organization

Point-Counterpoint: Blaming Users for Security Fails: Oh, Yes We Should vs. Oh, No, We Shouldn't

Ira Winkler believes you should attribute appropriate blame and penalties to users in case of clear negligence, while Wendy Nather argues this approach is counterproductive

Top Ten

Cyber-secure Countries 


  • Camille Stewart: The inspirational Camille Stewart outlines what she would change about the cyber industry and explains her dream project
  • Jenny Radcliffe: Eleanor Dallaway tries to 'hack' the people hacker, Jenny Radcliffe, as they take a walk down memory lane, from the streets of Liverpool to the TED Talks stage
  • Sarah Armstrong-Smith: Microsoft's Sarah Armstrong-Smith gives the lowdown on her career and reveals her biggest professional regret and the ingredients for a dream team

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