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Forward Features

Submitting Content to Infosecurity Magazine

Please send your request for contributions, interviews, data, etc., relevant to our forward features to eleanor.dallaway@reedexpo.co.uk Please do not call or email to check that we have received your offer – we will contact you if we need any further information or comment. Thank you.

Deadline for PR contributions: Friday August 25 2017. 

2017 Forward Features: October/November/December Print Edition

  1. When IoT Attacks: IoT makes our lives more convenient, but not without significant security risks.  IoT devices have been used to conduct DDoS attacks, connected household objects have been used to spam users and baby monitors have been hacked. Just how devastating could the impact of an IoT attack be? 
  2. Security and the Social Network: The growth of social networks has changed the way that humans interact and build relationships. How have security and privacy been impacted as a result? Where does the responsibility for security lie – with the social media company or the user? 
  3. The Human is Not the Weakest Link: Some information security experts have grown tired of hearing blame for breaches and other incidents being bestowed upon the user. This article explores the concept that people are not the weakest link in cybersecurity. So what is? 
  4. Cyber Essentials: Three Years On: The Cyber Essentials scheme was launched by the UK government in 2014. This article analyzes its impact and looks at how successful the scheme has been and how it can continue to evolve and encourage organizations to adopt good practice in information security. 
  5. Cyber Rehabilitation: Turning Black Hats into White Hats: The NCA has identified that 61% of hackers began hacking before the age of 16. When young adults develop technical skills, there’s a window of opportunity for the cybersecurity industry to convert them to white hats before they are drawn into the world of cybercrime. This article explores how the industry can facilitate this intervention and also considers how it can rehabilitate those that may have already chosen the wrong path. 
  6. NotPetya: Lessons Learned: This article will take a look at the latest high-profile ransomware attack, NotPetya. What lessons can be taken from the handling of the incident and how can organizations protect against future threats? 

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