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Forward Features

Submitting Content to Infosecurity Magazine

Please send your request for contributions, interviews, data, etc., relevant to our forward features to eleanor.dallaway@reedexpo.co.uk Please do not call or email to check that we have received your offer – we will contact you if we need any further information or comment. Thank you.

Deadline for PR contributions: 17 February 2017. 

2017 Forward Features: April/May/June Print Edition

  1. The CISO of the Future: The demands on CISOs grow ever more complex, and the skills gap means they are frequently under-resourced. In five years’ time, how will the role of CISO have changed? How can information security professionals prepare themselves for this evolution and equip themselves with the right knowledge and tools to fit that role?
  2. Solving and Halting DDoS: The damage caused by DDoS attacks can be crippling, and they are quickly increasing in size, scale and complexity. How can they be stopped? 
  3. Blockchain: What it Means for Cybersecurity: Many are skeptical about the role and effectiveness of Blockchain in supporting infosec. Are blockchains re-defining cybersecurity or do they pose more security challenges than they solve?
  4. EU GDPR: Get Ready: With the EU GDPR due to be implemented in 2018, organizations need to ensure that they are ready. Where should you be in your preparations and what it will take to get there if you’re not?
  5. Code of Ethics for Cybersecurity Research: Is a 'benevolent' virus ever ethically permissible? Should researchers actively tamper with botnets? Should we strike back at hackers offensively? These ethical issues raise a question about whether we need a code of ethics for cybersecurity research. 
  6. OPINION - Building a Robust SOC: This article will advise on the steps needed to build a SOC that will be agile, responsive and that will understand its role in crisis management and the business’ greater objectives

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