Disinformation Defense: Protecting Businesses from the New Wave of AI-Powered Cyber Threats

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Disinformation and misinformation are no longer just online nuisances; they're weapons in the cyber-attacker's arsenal, used to manipulate emotions, deploy malware, and inflict reputational damage.

As generative AI takes hold, disinformation and misinformation has become a top concern for cybersecurity professionals.

According to an ISACA study of 2,300 digital trust professionals, 77% say that disinformation and misinformation is a top risk.

This panel discussion will arm cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge and strategies to combat these evolving threats.

Join this session to:

  • Explore real-world case studies of disinformation attacks and their impact.
  • Discuss the evolving tactics used by attackers, including defamation, extortion, and deepfakes.
  • Demystify deepfake technology and its potential use in cyber-attacks.
  • Discuss the potential role of government intervention in tackling this issue.
  • Explore how businesses can advocate for responsible AI use and content moderation practices.

This session was part of Infosecurity Magazine's Online Summit Spring 2024


Photo of Omar Khawaja

Omar Khawaja

Vp Security, Field CISO, Databricks

Photo of Chloé Messdaghi

Chloé Messdaghi

Head of Threat Intelligence, HiddenLayer

Photo of Jake Moore

Jake Moore

Global Cybersecurity Advisor, ESET

Photo of Jason Rebholz

Jason Rebholz

CISO, Corvus Insurance

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