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  1. WithSecure Reveals Mass Exploitation of Edge Software and Infrastructure Appliances

    In a new report, WithSecure found that higher severity vulnerabilities in edge services and infrastructure devices are rising fast

  2. Scattered Spider Now Affiliated with RansomHub Following BlackCat Exit

    GuidePoint has assessed with high confidence that the notorious Scattered Spider group has become an affiliate of RaaS operator RansomHub

  3. 70% of Cybersecurity Pros Often Work Weekends, 64% Looking for New Jobs

    Bitdefender found that 70% of cybersecurity professionals often have to work weekends to address security concerns at their organization

  4. Chinese Hackers Leveraging 'Noodle RAT' Backdoor

    The ELF backdoor, initially thought to be a variant of existing malware, has a Windows and a Linux version

  5. Microsoft Patches One Critical and One Zero-Day Vulnerability

    June Patch Tuesday sees Microsoft fix over 50 bugs, including one already publicly disclosed

  6. Chinese FortiGate Espionage Campaign Snares 20,000+ Victims

    Dutch authorities reveal that a cyber-espionage campaign using novel “Coathanger” malware was much more extensive than first thought

  7. Phishing Attacks Targeting US and European Organizations Double

    Phishing campaigns targeting European organizations rose by a staggering 112% between 2023 and 2024

  8. Threat Actor Breaches Snowflake Customers, Victims Extorted

    Mandiant warns that a financially-motivated threat actor stole a significant volume of customer data from Snowflake, and is extorting many of the victims

  9. UK Police Arrest Two People for Smishing via Fake Cell Tower

    Two individuals are believed to have used a homemade mobile antenna to send thousands of SMS phishing messages

  10. NVIDIA and Arm Urge Customers to Patch Bugs

    Chip giants NVIDIA and Arm have released details of new vulnerabilities including a zero-day bug

  11. UK and Canadian Privacy Regulators Investigate 23andMe

    The ICO and OPC have launched a joint investigation into an October 2023 breach at 23andMe

  12. Industry Veterans and New Talent Recognised at European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards 2024

    The winners of the European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards were announced at a ceremony held at Tapa Tapa, London, on June 5 at Infosecurity Europe 2024

  13. IoT Vulnerabilities Skyrocket, Becoming Key Entry Point for Attackers

    A new Forescout report found that IoT devices containing vulnerabilities surged 136% compared to a year ago, becoming a key focus for attackers

  14. Threat Actor Claims to Leak 270GB of New York Times Data

    An anonymous 4Chan user is claiming to have shared a trove of source code stolen from the New York Times

  15. NHS Appeals For Blood and Volunteers After Cyber-Attack

    London hospitals continue to suffer the after-effects of a major ransomware attack last week

  16. EmailGPT Exposed to Prompt Injection Attacks

    The flaw enables attackers to gain control over the AI service by submitting harmful prompts

  17. #Infosec2024: Cyber Resilience Means Being Willing to Learn From a Crisis

    Experts advised that crisis management and recovery is as much about communications and testing as it is about technical defense measures

  18. Security Flaws Found in Popular WooCommerce Plugin

    Despite reported attempts from Patchstack to contact the vendor, no response has been received

  19. #Infosec2024: Collaboration is Key to an Effective Security Culture

    Organizations need a culture that goes beyond reporting incidents, where the business wants to collaborate with the security team

  20. #Infosec2024: CISOs Need to Move Beyond Passwords to Keep Up With Security Threats

    Experts at Infosecurity Europe 2024 advised organizations to move away from passwords for greater security

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