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  1. Chinese Espionage Group Upgrades Malware Arsenal to Target All Major OS

    Symantec said Chinese espionage group Daggerfly has updated its malware toolkit as it looks to target Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems

  2. Russia Shifts Cyber Focus to Battlefield Intelligence in Ukraine

    A new report published by RUSI highlighted how Russia’s intelligence services have adapted their cybersecurity strategy to the demands of a long war in Ukraine

  3. Prolific DDoS Marketplace Shut Down by UK Law Enforcement

    The UK’s National Crime Agency has infiltrated the DigitalStress marketplace, which offers DDoS capabilities

  4. Play Ransomware Expands to Target VMWare ESXi Environments

    Trend Micro also revealed a connection between the Play ransomware group and the threat actor Prolific Puma

  5. Ransomware Groups Fragment Amid Rising Cybercrime Threats

    Europol also said that multi-layered extortion tactics in ransomware are becoming more common

  6. Cybercriminals Exploit CrowdStrike Outage Chaos

    Cybercriminals have launched phishing campaigns purporting to support organizations impacted by the global IT outage, caused by a CrowdStrike Falcon issue

  7. Two Russians Convicted for Role in LockBit Attacks

    Two Russian nationals have pleaded guilty to charges relating to their participation in the LockBit ransomware gang

  8. Sunburst: US Judge Dismisses Most SEC Charges Against SolarWinds

    The SEC allegations against SolarWinds and its CISO over statements made after the 2020 ‘Sunburst’ hack were based on "hindsight and speculation,” said the judge

  9. CrowdStrike Fault Causes Global IT Outages

    An issue related to an update to CrowdStrike’s security platform Falcon Sensor has impacted Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, causing global IT outages

  10. SAP AI Core Flaws Expose Sensitive Customer Data and Keys

    All SAP AI Core vulnerabilities were reported to SAP by Wiz and have since been fixed

  11. HotPage Malware Hijacks Browsers With Signed Microsoft Driver

    HotPage manipulates browser traffic by hooking into network-based Windows API functions

  12. Chainalysis Launches Public-Private Plans to Crack Down on Crypto Scams

    Crypto accounts tied to scammers associated with $162m in crypto losses have been closed as part of Operation Spincaster

  13. Nearly 13 Million Australians Affected by MediSecure Attack

    MediSecure revealed that the personal and health data of approximately 12.9 million Australians has been affected by the May 2024 attack

  14. US Data Breach Victim Numbers Surge 1170% Annually

    New figures reveal a massive 1170% increase in people impacted by data breaches in Q2 2024 versus a year ago

  15. UK Government Set to Introduce New Cyber Security and Resilience Bill

    A new UK Cyber Security and Resilience Bill will update the NIS Regulations

  16. Qilin Ransomware’s Sophisticated Tactics Unveiled By Experts

    Qilin’s attack on Synnovis severely impacted key NHS hospitals in London earlier this month

  17. ICO Reprimands London Council for Mass Data Breach

    The ICO said a lack of security controls led to a large-scale data breach at the London Borough of Hackney Council

  18. Understanding NullBulge, the New AI-Fighting 'Hacktivist' Group

    The threat actor who claimed the recent Disney hack previously targeted AI-centric games and applications with commodity malware and ransomware

  19. Paris 2024 Olympics Face Escalating Cyber-Threats

    Fortinet observed an 80-90% increase in darknet activity targeting the Olympics between 2023 and 2024

  20. Sensitive Data Sharing Risks Heightened as GenAI Surges

    Netskope found that 96% of organizations use generative AI applications, with sensitive data frequently shared with these tools

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