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  1. Report Reveals 341% Rise in Advanced Phishing Attacks

    This data comes from SlashNext’s mid-year State of Phishing 2024 report

  2. UserPro Plugin Vulnerability Allows Account Takeover

    The plugin is used by over 20,000 sites and enables users to create customizable community websites

  3. Chinese Hackers Rely on Covert Proxy Networks to Evade Detection

    Volt Typhoon and other Chinese cyber espionage actors are relying on operational relay box (ORB) networks, Mandiant has observed

  4. Mastercard Doubles Speed of Fraud Detection with Generative AI

    Mastercard said it is using generative AI-based predictive technology to double the speed at which it can detect potentially compromised cards

  5. US Unveils $50M Program to Help Hospitals Patch Cybersecurity Gaps

    The US government UPGRADE program aims to automate vulnerability management in hospital environments, ensuring minimum disruption to services

  6. UK Government in £8.5m Bid to Tackle AI Cyber-Threats

    The government is spending millions on research into AI safety

  7. Authorized Push Payment Fraud Cases Surge 12% Annually

    UK Finance figures reveal romance, purchase and investment scams drove up authorised push payment fraud in 2023

  8. Russia’s DoppelGänger Campaign Manipulates Social Media

    Operation Matriochka has been challenging the credibility of journalists and fact-checkers since May 2022

  9. 70% of CISOs Expect Cyber-Attacks in Next Year, Report Finds

    Proofpoint said the shift to remote and hybrid work has expanded the attack surface for many businesses

  10. AI Seoul Summit: 16 AI Companies Sign Frontier AI Safety Commitments

    The signatories of these new commitments in safe AI developments include Chinese and Emirati organizations

  11. Ransomware and AI-Powered Hacks Drive Cyber Investment

    The rise in ransomware and AI generated attacks has contributed to accelerate investment into cyber defenses, Infosecurity Europe found in a new study

  12. Over 60% of Network Security Appliance Flaws Exploited as Zero Days

    Rapid7 found there were more mass compromise events arose from zero-day vulnerabilities than from n-day vulnerabilities in 2023

  13. Authorities Arrest $100m Incognito Drugs Market Suspect

    US officials say the suspected owner of the prolific Incognito dark web drugs marketplace has been arrested

  14. Critical Fluent Bit Bug Impacts All Major Cloud Platforms

    A newly discovered flaw in open source utility Fluent Bit could enable widespread DoS, RCE and information leakage

  15. Network Outages Hit 59% of Multi-Site Businesses Monthly

    A new report from Kaspersky also shows that 46% of businesses experience network problems between one and three times a month

  16. Iran-Linked Void Manticore Intensifies Cyber-Attacks on Israel

    CPR has suggested a significant overlap in targets between Void Manticore and Scarred Manticore

  17. AI Chatbots Highly Vulnerable to Jailbreaks, UK Researchers Find

    The UK AI Safety Institute tested four mainstream AI chatbots with basic jailbreak attacks

  18. Grandoreiro Banking Trojan is Back With Major Updates

    The malware-as-a-service Grandoreiro Trojan is now targeting 1500 global banks, says IBM

  19. Chinese Duo Indicted For Laundering $73m in Pig Butchering Case

    Two Chinese nationals have been charged with laundering over $73m in a pig butchering scheme

  20. UK Councils Warn of Data Breach After Attack on Medical Supplier

    Multiple UK councils have warned that residents’ personal data may have been compromised following a ransomware attack on NRS Healthcare

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