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  1. CIISec Urges Employers to Target Young Talent in Gaming Centers

    The Chartered Institute of Information Security has issued a new guide to help firms recruit more talent

  2. 92% of Organizations Hit by Credential Compromise from Social Engineering Attacks

    A Barracuda report found that 92% of organizations experienced an average of six credential compromises caused by email-based social engineering attacks in 2023

  3. Fake Meeting Software Spreads macOS Infostealer

    Recorded Future has found that Vortax, a purported virtual meeting software, is actually malicious software spreading three information stealers

  4. VMware Discloses Critical Vulnerabilities, Urges Immediate Remediation

    VMware has disclosed critical vulnerabilities impacting its VMware vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation products, with patches available for customers

  5. Quarter of Firms Suffer an API-Related Breach

    Salt Security study finds 23% of organizations suffered a breach via production APIs in 2023

  6. Report Reveals Record Exploitation Rate For Load Balancers

    Action1 reveals cybercriminals are increasingly targeting NGINX and Citrix load balancers

  7. Los Angeles Public Health Department Discloses Large Data Breach

    Los Angeles County Department of Public Health revealed a data breach impacting more than 200,000 individuals, with personal, medical and financial data potentially stolen

  8. Academics Develop Testing Benchmark for LLMs in Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology introduced a benchmark designed to assess large language models’ performance in cyber threat intelligence applications

  9. Meta Pauses European GenAI Development Over Privacy Concerns

    Meta has delayed plans to train its LLMs using public content shared by adults on Facebook and Instagram following a request by Ireland’s data protection regulator

  10. China Attempted Covert Military Drone Tie-Up With UK University – Report

    New report reveals China’s attempts to access leading AI research for military purposes

  11. London Ransomware Attack Led to 1500 Cancelled Appointments and Operations

    Ransomware attack on an NHS supplier forced the health service to rearrange 1000+ operations and appointments

  12. UK General Election: Tech Policy Expert Calls for Law Overhaul to Combat Deepfakes

    Governments should “police the content rather than the technology used to create it,” Matthew Feeney from the Centre for Policy Studies argued in a new paper

  13. Microsoft Admits Security Failings Allowed China to Access US Government Emails

    Microsoft President Brad Smith told US Congress that the tech giant accepts responsibility for security failings regarding the 2023 China hack

  14. Ascension Attack Caused by Employee Downloading Malicious File

    Healthcare firm Ascension said that ransomware attackers gained access to its systems after an employee accidently downloaded a malicious file

  15. Arid Viper Hackers Spy in Egypt and Palestine Using Android Spyware

    ESET detected five cyber espionage campaigns targeting Android users with trojanized apps deploying ‘AridSpy’ spyware

  16. Kaspersky Finds 24 Flaws in Chinese Biometric Hardware Provider

    A series of vulnerabilities could enable an attacker to bypass the Chinese manufacturer’s biometric access systems

  17. Cyber Insurance Claims Hit Record High in North America

    Insurance firm Marsh received over 1800 cyber claim reports from clients in the US and Canada in 2023, higher than any other year

  18. Ukrainian Cyber Police Identify Suspected LockBit and Conti Member

    Ukrainian police appear to have arrested a cryptor specialist with links to major ransomware groups

  19. CISA Warns Phone Scammers Are Impersonating its Staff

    The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has observed an uptick in vishing scams

  20. WithSecure Reveals Mass Exploitation of Edge Software and Infrastructure Appliances

    In a new report, WithSecure found that higher severity vulnerabilities in edge services and infrastructure devices are rising fast

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