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  1. MHTML Exploited By APT Group Void Banshee

    Void Banshee targeted North American, European and Southeast Asian regions with the Atlantida stealer

  2. Iranian MuddyWater Upgrades Arsenal With New Custom Backdoor

    The Iranian APT group has shifted away from using legitimate remote monitoring tools to compromise its victims

  3. Hacktivists Claim Leak Over 1 Terabyte of Disney Data

    Disney unreleased projects and internal data are part of a data leak claimed by hacktivist group ‘NullBulge’

  4. Hacktivist Groups Target Romania Amid Geopolitical Tensions

    CyberDragon and Cyber Army of Russia, among others, have claimed responsibility for the attacks

  5. Half of SMEs Unprepared for Cyber-Threats

    JumpCloud found that half of SME IT teams believe they lack the resources and staffing to defend their organization against cyber-threats

  6. Kaspersky to Quit US Following Commerce Department Ban

    Russian AV-maker Kaspersky is set to shutter its US operations from Saturday

  7. Two-Fifths of Senior Citizens Suffer Frequent Fraud Attempts

    A Portsmouth University study finds that large numbers of elderly citizens are being harassed by phone fraudsters

  8. CRYSTALRAY Cyber-Attacks Grow Tenfold Using OSS Tools

    Sysdig said CRYSTALRAY used a variety of open source security tools to scan for vulnerabilities

  9. WP Time Capsule Plugin Update Urged After Critical Security Flaw

    The WordPress plugin has over 20,000 active installations and is used for site backups and update management

  10. Attackers Exploit URL Protections to Disguise Phishing Links

    Barracuda has observed attackers using three different URL protection services to mask their phishing URLs, bypassing email security tools

  11. Pharmacy Giant Rite Aid Hit By Ransomware

    US pharmacy chain Rite Aid has confirmed a cybersecurity ‘incident’ in June

  12. Google Lines Up $23bn Swoop For Startup Wiz Security

    Google is in talks to acquire security startup Wiz Security

  13. Hackers Downloaded Call Logs from Cloud Platform in AT&T Breach

    AT&T discloses data breach where hackers accessed customer call logs from a cloud platform in April

  14. Indiana County Files Disaster Declaration Following Ransomware Attack

    Clay County, Indiana, said a ransomware attack has prevented the administration of critical services, leading to a disaster declaration being filed

  15. Snowflake Breach at Advance Auto Parts Hits 2.3 Million People

    Advance Auto Parts has confirmed a breach of its Snowflake account will impact millions

  16. NATO Set to Build New Cyber Defense Center

    NATO members have agreed to develop a new integrated facility to help improve collective cyber-resilience

  17. CISA Urges Software Makers to Eliminate OS Command Injection Vulnerabilities

    An alert from the CISA and the FBI has urged software manufacturers to work towards the elimination of operating system (OS) command injection vulnerabilities

  18. Fraud Campaign Targets Russians with Fake Olympics Tickets

    Operation Ticket Heist involves 700 web domains to sell fake Olympic Games tickets to a Russian-speaking audience, QuoIntelligence has found

  19. Ransomware Surges Annually Despite Law Enforcement Takedowns

    Symantec figures suggest a 9% annual increase claimed ransomware attacks

  20. Huione Guarantee Marketplace Exposed as Front for Cybercrime

    Researchers at Elliptic claim multibillion dollar Huione Guarantee platform is enabler of scams and money laundering

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