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  1. Network Outages Hit 59% of Multi-Site Businesses Monthly

    A new report from Kaspersky also shows that 46% of businesses experience network problems between one and three times a month

  2. Iran-Linked Void Manticore Intensifies Cyber-Attacks on Israel

    CPR has suggested a significant overlap in targets between Void Manticore and Scarred Manticore

  3. AI Chatbots Highly Vulnerable to Jailbreaks, UK Researchers Find

    The UK AI Safety Institute tested four mainstream AI chatbots with basic jailbreak attacks

  4. Grandoreiro Banking Trojan is Back With Major Updates

    The malware-as-a-service Grandoreiro Trojan is now targeting 1500 global banks, says IBM

  5. Chinese Duo Indicted For Laundering $73m in Pig Butchering Case

    Two Chinese nationals have been charged with laundering over $73m in a pig butchering scheme

  6. UK Councils Warn of Data Breach After Attack on Medical Supplier

    Multiple UK councils have warned that residents’ personal data may have been compromised following a ransomware attack on NRS Healthcare

  7. New Android Banking Trojan Mimics Google Play Update App

    A new banking Trojan targeting Android devices shows multifaceted capabilities

  8. Patient Data at Risk in MediSecure Ransomware Attack

    Electronic prescriptions provider MediSecure said the attack originated from a third-party vendor, and has impacted individuals’ personal and health information

  9. Windows Quick Assist Exploited in Ransomware Attacks

    Microsoft warned Storm-1811 started vishing attacks in April to gain access to target devices

  10. SugarGh0st RAT Variant Used in Targeted AI Industry Attacks

    Proofpoint said the attackers modified registry key names for persistence

  11. 53,000 Employees' Social Security Numbers Exposed in Nissan Data Breach

    Car manufacturer Nissan revealed that over 53,000 of its North America employees had their social security numbers accessed by a ransomware attacker

  12. CISO Confidence in AI Security Grows as GenAI Adoption Rises

    Nearly six out of ten surveyed ClubCISO members are confident AI is used securely in their organizations

  13. UK Lags Europe on Exploited Vulnerability Remediation

    UK organizations are less likely than their European peers to have known exploited bugs but take longer to fix them

  14. BreachForums Hacking Marketplace Taken Down Again

    The FBI claims to have seized the domain and servers of hacking forum BreachForums

  15. Cyber-Attack Disrupts Christie’s $840M Art Auctions

    Despite this setback, the auction house said bids can still be placed by phone and in-person

  16. PDF Exploitation Targets Foxit Reader Users

    CPR said exploit builders in .NET and Python have been employed to deploy this malware

  17. NCSC Expands Election Cybersecurity to Safeguard Candidates and Officials

    The National Cyber Security Centre launches an opt-in Personal Internet Protection service to safeguard individuals from cyber threats during the upcoming election

  18. Google Expands Synthetic Content Watermarking Tool to AI-Generated Text

    Google DeepMind’s SynthID can now be used to watermark AI-generated images, audio, text and video

  19. Santander Customer Data Compromised Following Third-Party Breach

    Santander has warned that customer and employee data has been breached following unauthorized access to a database held by a third-party provider

  20. Current Market Forces Disincentivizing Cybersecurity, Says NCSC CTO

    NCSC CTO argues current market rewards prioritize cost over security, hindering the development of secure technology

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