Infosecurity News

  1. Cybercriminals Hesitant About Using Generative AI

    An analysis of dark web forums revealed many threat actors are skeptical about using tools like ChatGPT to launch attacks

  2. Americans Receive Two Billion Spam Calls Per Month

    Truecaller warns malicious calls make up the majority

  3. CISA Warns Congress on Chemical Industry Terror Attacks

    Security agency wants to resume critical CFATS inspections

  4. Ukraine Police Dismantle Major Ransomware Group

    Affiliate deployed LockerGoga, MegaCortex, Hive and Dharma

  5. Cybersecurity Incident Hits Fidelity National Financial

    The Alphv/BlackCat ransomware group has claimed responsibility for the attack

  6. SysJoker Malware: Hamas-Related Threat Expands With Rust Variant

    CPR said the malware now uses OneDrive instead of Google Drive for storing dynamic C2 server URLs

  7. KyberSwap Says Hackers Stole $55m in Crypto

    Decentralized exchange offers $5m bounty

  8. General Electric Investigates Alleged DARPA Breach

    IntelBroker claims to be selling sensitive military data

  9. UK Publishes First Guidelines on Safe AI Development

    NCSC and CISA effort endorsed by 18 countries

  10. Cyber-Attack Disrupts UK Property Deals

    A legal sector specialist infrastructure service provider has experienced a service outage that is impacting up to 200 conveyancing firms across the UK

  11. Windows Hello Fingerprint Tech is Hacked

    Blackwing researchers bypass the authentication system

  12. Black Friday: Phishing Emails Soar 237%

    Global brands impersonated to capitalize on busy shopping period

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