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  1. China's Malicious Cyber Activity Informing War Preparations, Pentagon Says

    The report says China is likely to launch destructive cyber-attacks against the US Homeland in the event of a military conflict

  2. Pirated Software Likely Cause of Airbus Breach

    Incident exposed personal information at 3200 vendors

  3. Iranian Threat Group Hits Thousands With Password Spray Campaign

    APT33 activity resulted in data theft from small number of victims

  4. Caesars Entertainment Reveals Major Ransomware Breach

    Attackers compromised loyalty program data via supplier

  5. Manchester Police Officers’ Data Breached in Third-Party Attack

    Officers working undercover or in sensitive roles like intelligence could be exposed

  6. Elon Musk in Hot Water With FTC Over Twitter Privacy Issues

    A new court filing from the US Department of Justice suggests the billionaire “may have jeopardized data privacy and security” at Twitter, now known as X

  7. Lazarus Group Blamed For $53m Heist at CoinEx

    North Korean actors have become prolific crypto-thieves

  8. Wake-Up Call as 3AM Ransomware Variant Is Discovered

    Symantec says it was used in a failed LockBit attack

  9. Cloud Vulnerabilities Surge 200% in a Year

    But IBM warns credential compromise is number one initial access vector

  10. New Microsoft Teams Phishing Campaign Targets Corporate Employees

    The new campaign is believed to be perpetrated by Storm-0324, which distributes the payloads of other attackers after achieving initial network compromise

  11. MGM Criticized for Repeated Security Failures

    The malware researchers' collective Vx-underground claimed that ALPHV/BlackCat was behind the attack against the casino giant

  12. Chilling Lack of Cyber Experts in UK Government, Finds Parliamentary Inquiry

    The parliamentary inquiry heard there are “particular shortages” of cybersecurity experts in the civil service, with pay restraints a major factor

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