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  1. LockBit Leader aka LockBitSupp Identity Revealed

    Russian national Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev is behind the LockBitSupp persona, law enforcement revealed

  2. RSAC: Three Battle-Tested Tips for Surviving a Cyber-Attack

    CISOs share their experience of managing real-life cyber incidents provide their recommendations to survive cyber-attacks

  3. Report Shows AI Fraud, Deepfakes Are Top Challenges For Banks

    Mitek surveyed 1500 financial services risk and innovation professionals in UK, US and Spain

  4. BTC-e $9bn Crypto-Money Launderer Pleads Guilty

    Russian national Alexander Vinnik has pleaded guilty to his role in a multibillion-dollar money laundering conspiracy

  5. China Suspected After Major MoD Payroll Breach

    Reports claim state-backed hackers accessed sensitive personal and financial information on UK military personnel

  6. RSAC: Antony Blinken Highlights Urgency in Securing Foundational Tech

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US and its allies must work together to ensure foundational technologies are used for the betterment of humanity

  7. RSAC: Threat Actors Weaponize Hacktivism for Financial Gain

    Recorded Future’s Alexander Leslie highlights the increasingly blurred lines between hacktivism, financial cybercrime and nation-state activities during the RSA Conference 2024

  8. RSAC: Law Enforcement Takedowns Force Ransomware Affiliates to Diversify

    A new Chainalysis report showed that recent law enforcement operations have pushed ransomware affiliates to increasingly use multiple strains in order to stay afloat

  9. RSAC: 70% of Businesses Prioritize Innovation Over Security in Generative AI Projects

    An IBM report found that most organizations are exposing themselves to security risks when implementing generative AI tools

  10. North Korean Hackers Spoofing Journalist Emails to Spy on Policy Experts

    The US warns that the North Korea-linked Kimsuky group is exploiting poorly configured DMARC protocols to spoof legitimate domains in espionage phishing campaigns

  11. Indonesia is a Spyware Haven, Amnesty International Finds

    Amnesty International found in Indonesia a murky ecosystem of surveillance suppliers, brokers and resellers that obscures the sale and transfer of surveillance technology

  12. Android Flaw Affected Apps With 4 Billion Installs

    Microsoft illustrated the severity of the issue via a case study involving Xiaomi’s File Manager

  13. Hackers Target New NATO Member Sweden with Surge of DDoS Attacks

    Sweden experienced a wave of DDoS attacks as the country was working towards joining NATO, Netscout found

  14. Three-Quarters of CISOs Admit App Security Incidents

    Dynatrace research claims global CISOs are concerned AI is driving advanced app security threats and poor developer practices

  15. Security Breach Exposes Dropbox Sign Users

    Attackers accessed emails, usernames, phone numbers, hashed passwords and authentication information

  16. REvil Ransomware Affiliate Sentenced to Over 13 Years in Prison

    A US court has sentenced a Ukrainian national to 13 years and seven months in prison for his role in over 2500 ransomware attacks using the REvil strain

  17. US and UK Warn of Disruptive Russian OT Attacks

    The US and its allies claim Russian hacktivists are disruptive operations in water, energy, food and agriculture sectors

  18. LockBit, Black Basta, Play Dominate Ransomware in Q1 2024

    The data from ReliaQuest also suggests LockBit faced a significant setback due to law enforcement action

  19. UnitedHealth CEO Confirms Breach Tied to Stolen Credentials, No MFA

    Andrew Witty made the claims in a written testimony submitted before a House subcommittee hearing

  20. 1 in 5 US Ransomware Attacks Triggers Lawsuit

    Comparitech found that 18% of ransomware incidents in the US led to a lawsuit in 2023, with 59% of completed lawsuits since 2018 proving successful

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