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  1. AI-Powered Russian Network Pushes Fake Political News

    Researchers discover large-scale Russian influence operation using GenAI to influence voters

  2. Fake Online Stores Scam Over 850,000 Shoppers

    Researchers discover 75,000+ domains hosting fraudulent e-commerce sites, in a campaign dubbed BogusBazaar

  3. RSAC: Three Strategies to Boost Open-Source Security

    Experts at the RSA Conference discussed how governments, the open-source community and end users can work together to drastically improve the security of open-source software

  4. RSAC: CISA Launches Vulnrichment Program to Address NVD Challenges

    CISA launched a new software vulnerability enrichment program to fill the gap left by NIST’s National Vulnerability Database backlog

  5. RSAC: Researchers Share Lessons from the World's First AI Security Incident Response Team

    Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have shared an overview of their new AI Security Incident Response Team (AISIRT)

  6. Six Austrians Arrested in Multi-Million Euro Crypto Scheme

    Europol and Eurojust targeted the orchestrators of a cryptocurrency scam launched in December 2017

  7. 10,000 Customers’ Data Exposed in UK Government Breaches

    The findings come from Apricorn, based on annual Freedom of Information (FOI) responses from 2023

  8. Stephen Khan Receives Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame Award, to Deliver Keynote on Four Essential Attributes CISOs Need to Succeed

    The award recognises Khan's outstanding contributions to the field and his role in shaping the cybersecurity industry

  9. A Third of Tech CISOs Are Unhappy With Their Income

    IANS Research data finds many tech CISOs are concerned about their compensation as salaries stagnate

  10. MedStar Health and DocGo Reveal Data Breaches

    MedStar Health and DocGo have become the latest US healthcare providers to announce cybersecurity incidents

  11. RSAC: Two-Thirds of Organizations Failing to Address AI Risks, ISACA Finds

    An ISACA survey found that just a third of organizations are adequately addressing security, privacy and ethical risks with AI

  12. RSAC: Decoding US Government Plans to Shift the Software Security Burden

    US government officials discussed plans on how to incentivize security by design principles in the software manufacturing process during RSA

  13. RSAC: Log4J Still Among Top Exploited Vulnerabilities, Cato Finds

    A new report by Cato Networks found that exploiting old vulnerabilities in unpatched systems is one of threat actors’ favorite initial access vectors

  14. Ransomware Strikes Wichita, Services Disrupted

    Online payment systems, such as those for water bills and court citations, are still offline

  15. LockBit Leader aka LockBitSupp Identity Revealed

    Russian national Dmitry Yuryevich Khoroshev is behind the LockBitSupp persona, law enforcement revealed

  16. RSAC: Three Battle-Tested Tips for Surviving a Cyber-Attack

    CISOs share their experience of managing real-life cyber incidents provide their recommendations to survive cyber-attacks

  17. Report Shows AI Fraud, Deepfakes Are Top Challenges For Banks

    Mitek surveyed 1500 financial services risk and innovation professionals in UK, US and Spain

  18. BTC-e $9bn Crypto-Money Launderer Pleads Guilty

    Russian national Alexander Vinnik has pleaded guilty to his role in a multibillion-dollar money laundering conspiracy

  19. China Suspected After Major MoD Payroll Breach

    Reports claim state-backed hackers accessed sensitive personal and financial information on UK military personnel

  20. RSAC: Antony Blinken Highlights Urgency in Securing Foundational Tech

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US and its allies must work together to ensure foundational technologies are used for the betterment of humanity

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