Infosecurity News

  1. Smishing Triad: China-Based Fraud Network Exposed

    Resecurity explained the “Smishing Triad” campaign exclusively utilizes iMessages

  2. Open-Source Malware SapphireStealer Expands

    Cisco Talos said SapphireStealer has evolved significantly, resulting in multiple variants

  3. Sophisticated Cyber-Espionage Group Earth Estries Exposed

    Trend Micro noted that “Earth Estries” employed advanced tactics to infiltrate networks

  4. Adobe ColdFusion Critical Vulnerabilities Exploited Despite Patches

    Although the patches for these vulnerabilities have already been released, public attacks are still occurring

  5. BYOD Security Gap: Survey Finds 49% of European Firms Unprotected

    Jamf suggested firms enroll employees in a BYOD or Mobile Device Management (MDM) program

  6. New Research Exposes Airbnb as Breeding Ground For Cybercrime

    Slashnext unveiled a disturbing arsenal of stealers, cookies and exploits

  7. Facebook Accounts Targeted by Vietnamese Threat Groups

    These groups often sell ads to other cybercriminals, either for a fee or a share of the operations

  8. GRU Blamed for Infamous Chisel Malware Targeting Ukraine's Military Phones

    Infamous Chisel, which enables unauthorized access to compromised Android devices used by the Ukrainian military, has been linked to Sandworm

  9. Russian APT Intensifies Cyber Espionage Activities Amid Ukrainian Counter-Offensive

    The Gamaredon group has ramped up attacks against Ukrainian military entities, with the aim of hindering Ukraine’s counter-offensive operations

  10. Classiscam Spreads: $64.5M Scheme Targets 79 Countries

    Group-IB’s analysis showed that between H1 2021 and H1 2023, 251 brands were targeted by Classiscam

  11. Flaw Exposes WP Migration Plugin to Hacks

    The vulnerable code was identified by the security research team at PatchStack

  12. Chinese APT Group GREF Use BadBazaar in Android Espionage

    ESET said BadBazaar was available via the Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store and various app sites

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