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  1. Why You Must Consider the Security Risks of BYOD

    Microsoft's Alan Slothower discusses the risks posed by increasing BYOD policies in enterprises

    1. Photo of Alan Slothower

      Alan Slothower

      Head of Surface Commercial UK, Microsoft

  2. The Double-Edged Sword of Generative AI

    AI advancements eliminate traditional phishing red flags, allowing cybercriminals to create hyper-realistic attacks via deepfakes and voice notes

    1. Photo of Giovanni Cozzolino

      Giovanni Cozzolino

      UKI Security Lead, Accenture

  3. How to Build Cyber Resilience in Healthcare

    Lauren Winchester explains how healthcare organizations can exhibit strong cyber resilience

    1. Photo of Lauren Winchester

      Lauren Winchester

      SVP, Risk Advisory, Corvus Insurance

  4. AI Must Prove its Trustworthiness

    Box CISO Julien Soriano says we must turn our attention to the security and veracity of the data we are feeding into AI models

  5. How Banks Can Safeguard Customers From Romance Fraud

    Online dating's rise as the leading way to meet potential partners has created a boom in romance scams, demanding industry solutions to protect users

    1. Photo of Greg Hancell

      Greg Hancell

      Head of Fraud Prevention, Lynx

  6. Why Culture is the Bedrock of Cybersecurity

    Ken Deitz explains why culture is the guiding principle for good cyber governance

    1. Photo of Ken Deitz

      Ken Deitz

      CISO, Secureworks

  7. Three Psychological Theories to Ensure Cybersecurity Training Sticks

    Andrew Rose says leveraging behavioral psychology theories will create a much higher success rate in employee cybersecurity training programs

    1. Photo of Andrew Rose

      Andrew Rose

      CSO, SoSafe

  8. The Data Privacy Risks from Video Surveillance at the Paris Olympics

    Vishwa Narayan discusses how authorities can strike the right balance between privacy and security by using video surveillance at the Paris Olympics

    1. Photo of Vishwa Vijoyendra  Narayan

      Vishwa Vijoyendra Narayan

      Director of Product Management, Quantum

  9. How to Protect Yourself from Rising Romance Investment Scams

    Erin Fracolli sets out how online daters can detect sophisticated romance investment scams

    1. Photo of Erin Fracolli

      Erin Fracolli

      Global Head of Intelligence and Investigations, Binance

  10. Why Federal Agencies Must Learn from the Cyber Safety Review Board Report on Microsoft

    Sean Moran says the CSRB report into Microsoft shows that the US government needs to end its single-source reliance on cybersecurity contractors

    1. Photo of Sean Moran

      Sean Moran

      Former Staff Director of the House Committee on House Administration

  11. Why Banks Should be Taking Quantum Security Very Seriously

    Andersen Cheng says banks are acutely vulnerable to the threat posed by quantum computers

    1. Photo of Andersen Cheng

      Andersen Cheng

      Chairman, Post-Quantum and CEO and founder, Nomidio

  12. How to Navigate the Risks of Generative AI

    KPMG's Matthew Roach says a holistic approach is needed to ensure the safe and responsible use of generative AI

    1. Photo of Matthew Roach

      Matthew Roach

      Head of i-4 Cyber Security Leaders Community, KPMG

  13. Banning Ransomware Payments Will Do More Harm Than Good

    Ian Thornton-Trump argues that a ransomware ban would have severe unintended consequences

    1. Photo of Ian Thornton-Trump

      Ian Thornton-Trump

      CISO - Cyjax Ltd

  14. Learning from Heartbleed to Quantum-Proof the Future

    Kevin Bocek says we must learn from the Heartbleed vulnerability crisis 10 years ago to prepare for the threat posed by quantum to current encryption methods

    1. Photo of Kevin Bocek

      Kevin Bocek

      Chief Innovation Officer, Venafi

  15. Is the Human Factor Overlooked in Cybersecurity?

    LRQA's Lisa Washer explains why people, not just technology, must be at the core of cybersecurity

    1. Photo of Lisa  Washer

      Lisa Washer

      Global Head of Defensive Security Services, LRQA

  16. Why Voice Authentication Should Not Be Used to Secure Critical Assets

    Alex Haynes highlights a case study involving the use of voice authentication for HSBC, which shows the security flaws of this method

    1. Photo of Alex Haynes

      Alex Haynes

      CISO, IBS Software

  17. Why DDoS Threat Actors Are Shifting Their Tactics

    With the changes in DDoS attack size, diversity, and the development of new methods, organizations must not become complacent

    1. Photo of Donny Chong

      Donny Chong

      Director, Nexusguard

  18. Enhancing Collaboration: Incident Response Teams and Law Enforcement

    As cyber-attacks surge, fostering collaboration between Incident Response Teams and law enforcement is crucial to fortify defenses and respond effectively

    1. Photo of Chris Gibson

      Chris Gibson

      Executive Director, FIRST

  19. Overcoming the AI Privacy Predicament

    The IAPP's Müge Fazlioglu says organizations must address consumers' privacy concerns to realize the full potential of AI

    1. Photo of Müge  Fazlioglu

      Müge Fazlioglu

      Principal Researcher for Privacy Law & Policy, International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

  20. Learning from File Transfer Software Vendors’ Vulnerability Response

    Rapid7's Caitlin Condon explains why organizations could learn from file transfer vendors' response to high-severity vulnerabilities coming to light

    1. Photo of Caitlin Condon

      Caitlin Condon

      Director of Vulnerability Intelligence, Rapid7

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